CTO & Tech Advisory Services

Do you have a great idea but don’t have any idea on how to implement it? You have realized that your current application is not scalable, and the design is inadequate for the next stage of your business. Do you need someone with senior technology leadership and vintage to meet your investors or vendors or chalk out your technology strategy and execution?

Pay for Services you use

Just like any subscription-based service you only pay for CTO as a service without getting into the hassle of full-time senior leadership hire that comes at a massive cost and uncertainty of performance

CTO v/s Chief Architect

Whether you need a CTO or just an architect and do would not know! You might need someone that can chalk out your vision and help you assemble a team along with design, development, documentation, and due diligence oversight or may not all of this but some of these

Technology Agnostic Skillset

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