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D10X Value Proposition

Message from our CEO

Aiming to scale & grow ? D10X can support you

Engagement Model

STEP 1 - engage
Let us gather your requirements and assimilate your needs

STEP 2 - discover
Let us agree on priorities and medium to long term roadmap

STEP 3 - execute
Execute with razor sharp focus, be agile and pulse check every single moment

STEP 4 - succeed
Meet milestones, grow, scale & make success a habit  

Let’s work together

Tech Strategy

Identify opportunities, apply design thinking, sharpen objectives and create an overall medium to long term strategy


Turn strategy into execution and witness the D10X magic

Analytics and Iteration

Evolve constantly, pulse check, be agile, iterate based on outcomes and data, focus on change management governance & scale

Our Services

D10X for 10x growth 

Product Development by experts with deep understanding of technology & industry best practices

D10X provides regular tech development services  however for select chosen startups we also provide tech development at cost + success model instead of time, material and man day model


Tech Due Diligence and Diagnostics 

Tech DD for Investors / Ventures & Diagnostic services for start-ups

We cater to advisory companies, investor/s, VCs and cofounders for assessments, decision making, risk elimination etc.




CTO & Tech Advisory Services

Tech Expertise on the tap

Combined industry experience of D10X founder is over 100 years across technology and product management.





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