About Us

D10X was founded in 2019 to help clients achieve their business goals. D10X provides regular tech development services; however, for a few chosen businesses, essentially startups, we also offer tech development at cost + success model instead of the time & material model. We are a result-oriented organization that helps clients make suitable investments in technology at lower risk.

We offer comprehensive end-to-end technology-based solutions across various business verticals, products, and systems. We have also expanded into Tech Due Diligence, CTO Services, and thematic product development.

D10X founders have a combined industry experience of 75+ years.

A word from our CTO will provide insights into the D10X approach.

”Many software projects and endeavors fail because the architects choose technology because of ‘hype.’ They fail to explain the rationale behind their design/architecture decisions (e.g., why you selected AngularJS or SpringBoot). If the explanation is ‘everybody is using it, then you face the severe risk of failure.“

Nitin Bhide

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